Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Paula's Projects

I guess I'm not the only one with too many projects on the go. It's like a drug - that heady rush I get when I start something new. I love finishing stuff, but it's the process I really love. The imagining, the starting, the re-working. The trouble is, each project stirs up more creative ideas. 

So what am I working on at the moment?

1. Stripy wool blanket

2. Covered coat hangers

3. Flower motif string bag

4. Beaded necklace

5. Orange ribbon yarn placemats.

6. Tapestry crochet bag

The last is my favourite. When I was visiting my sister in Ireland last year, she took me to our favourite wool store, The Yarn Room . The lovely Irene Lundgaard had on display there a most beautiful crochet bag.

Well, when I got home, I showed the photo to a friend. My friend messaged me the next day - "can't stop thinking about the bag, would you like to both make one?" So we set ourselves a challenge. To make a bag, using Irene's as inspiration, during the summer school holidays. And we would unveil them at the start of the school year.  Here it is so far...

Oh, and by the way, those are just my crochet projects.  That's not counting the knitting and the sewing and the quilting and...

Cheers, Paula.


  1. I only found your pretty bag now and I wonder if you ever completed it? Thank you for your kind words about my bag. Glad to be of inspiration!

    1. Thank you! I finished the bag. Loved the colours and pattern, wasn't so happy with the round joins and the handles. So of course started a new one. I'll get some photos of both posted here soon. Paula.