Monday, 9 January 2012

My First Post.....Ever!!!

Some people start with small dreams and get bigger.  We had to rein our dream in!!! 

It started late one night when we were both a bit over tired and silly.  What if we opened our own shop???  It would be fantastic and we could sell everything we make and it would have soft cosy couches to read craft books and knit and crochet, and we could drink cups of tea and we could teach people our crafts (which when listed was quite a few) and and and....... 

We had so many ideas and both went to sleep with dreams of our business venture (adventure!!!). 

After lots of discussion and husbands who said "you will never make any money from this" and "it will never work", we decided that we should start small and get bigger.

 Maybe we could have a market stall and sell our work and drink cups of tea!!!!   We had so many ideas and just not enough time to make them ALL a reality.

So here we are, writing a blog (when we have time) and trying to start our dream business. It may be small now, but it can only get bigger!!!

Make (we make)  Believe (believe in dreams)


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