Monday, 11 June 2012

What have you been up to?

It's getting a little chilly on my side of the world. Only 10 days until the Winter Equinox. Cold mornings, short days. Evenings spent huddled under blankets, fingers wrapped around cups of tea.

Today was the Queen's Birthday holiday here, and we were treated to a beautiful blue-sky day. Bugger that I had to work this morning. Never mind. The Man and I took the kids to the park in the afternoon, where they showed off their climbing skills (i.e. lots of me whispering "please come down, you're making me nervous"). And the Man showed off his chin-ups (whoo-hoo). I took my camera, but didn't have much luck with taking any photos. 

I've started a photography course at the local Neighbourhood House - four 2 hour sessions - so I've been lugging my hefty DSLR everywhere. My kids haven't yet tired of having their photos taken.

But now for my exciting news. 

I listed my first pattern for sale on Ravelry!

(cue Anxious Me)

"Will anyone like it?"

"Will anyone buy it?"

"Will they understand the pattern?"

"OMG, what if there are mistakes?"

"Oh, no, nobody will like it..."

and so on.

So here it is - Newborn Rose Booties

What do you think?

Cheers, Paula.

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