Saturday, 24 March 2012

Almost Winter

This is how Melbourne tells you it is almost Winter...
31 degrees C, then ten days later the temperature is down to 18 degrees C. And you can tell the winter-people from the summer-people. The latter are shivering, dressed in light clothing, defying the cold air. They complain about a bit of rain.
I'm a winter-person. I embrace the cold air. I pull out my boots and scarves and coats with a happy heart. I look forward to the ritual changing of the summer blankets to the thick down quilts. 

Ahh, almost Winter. In Melbourne that means the Craft and Quilt Fair, the Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo. It means longer evenings, cups of tea, casseroles, wooly socks, porridge. And it means my birthday too!

This weekend I learned a new skill - yarn winding. I thought I would need one of those nifty (expensive) yarn-winders. But who would have known that all I needed was an empty toilet roll cardboard tube? This tutorial was helpful, and so was this one.

I've done 15 balls already!
Cheers, Paula.

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